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The Parotid Gland

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The parotid gland is a bilateral salivary gland located in the face. It produces serous saliva , a watery solution rich in enzymes. This is then secreted into the oral cavity, where it lubricates and aids in the breakdown of food.

salivary gland serous saliva

In this article, we shall look at the location, vasculature and innervation of the parotid gland. We shall also consider any clinical correlations.

The parotid gland is a bilateral structure, which displays a lobular and irregular morphology. Anatomically, it can be divided into deep and superficial lobes , which are separated by the facial nerve.

superficial lobes

It lies within a deep hollow, known as the parotid region .The parotid region is bounded as follows:

parotid region Superiorly Inferiorly Anteriorly Posteriorly

The secretions of the parotid gland are transported to the oral cavity by the Stensen duct. It arises from the anterior surface of the gland, traversing the masseter muscle. The duct then pierces the buccinator, moving medially. It opens out into the oral cavity near the second upper molar .

Stensen duct. masseter second upper molar

Fig 1.0 – Position of the parotid gland and borders of the parotid region.

The anatomical relationships of the parotid gland are of great clinical importance – particularly during parotid gland surgery.

Several important neurovascular structures pass through the gland:

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external carotid artery retromandibular vein

Fig 1.1 – The branches of the facial nerve . The parotid gland has been removed to show their anatomical course.

Blood is supplied by the posterior auricular and superficial temporal arteries . They are both branches of the external carotid artery, which arise within the parotid gland itself.

posterior auricular superficial temporal arteries

Venous drainage is achieved via the retromandibular vein . It is formed by unification of the superficial temporal and maxillary veins.

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VCLS (Voisin Consulting Life Sciences) is a team of 130 life sciences professionals, committed to delivering innovative therapies to patients. We believe that product development must be driven by a solid understanding of the environment within which the product will be launched, and the criteria by which elements of the development will be assessed by both regulators and payers. We start from science and medical needs, as we collaborate with our clients’ teams to drive innovative products along development and commercialization.

(Voisin Consulting Life Sciences)

VCLS believes technologies can transform lives, we are committed to help our clients deliver effective therapies and make them accessible to patients.

Human. Client-driven. Innovation. Sharing. Excellence. Passion.

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founded Voisin Consulting Life Sciences in 1997 to offer product development services tailored to the very specific needs of small Biotech companies. Over the years, Emmanuelle has assembled a team of seasoned industry professionals of complementary expertise, to offer combined strategic and operational capabilities addressing the needs of health products developers. Today, our team is also consulted by top-10 Biotech, Pharma, Medtech, Food, and Cosmetic manufacturers.

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(RRG) joined VCLS group in 2013. The combined operation consolidates VCLS service range notably in regulatory science, interim management and training services. RRG employees are now working with VCLS’ team to strengthen the group’s capabilities in helping clients drive their products to the international marketplace. Located in Camberley (UK), the award-winning 2001 air jordan 3 black cement
is one of the longest-established independent regulatory consultancies in Europe. This acquisition is part of VCLS’ global growth strategy.

Regulatory Resources Group

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(BH) joined the VCLS group in 2015. The acquisition forms one of the largest independent consulting groups delivering high-end regulatory services to support the interactions with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the European Medicines Agency, and other global health authorities. Based in Somerville, NJ, air jordan 1 bhm 2015 gsxs750
reinforces VCLS’ capabilities with in-depth Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls expertise, as well as strategic and operational support for all regulatory submissions including electronic publishing services.

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Studies have shown that smoking is harmful to your bones. If you are a smoker, it is important to get enough calcium and vitamin D through diet or supplementation.

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